KLapJack - A KDE LiveJournal Client

Screen Shots

KLapJack is a KDE client for the popular online journalling site LiveJournal, but will also work with any LiveJournal compatible site, such as Blurty.com and DeadJournal.

KLapJack is designed with the goal of being plain but effective, and so features none of the functionality found in LJ's own "visions" client such as automatically making links, cut-tags etc. Instead, the simple design allows users to do these things themselves. I have given priority to features which I consider more useful, such as multiple login and a simple method of logging in to other Lj-compatible servers. The result should be a flexible client for those with a small degree of technical competence.

The best way to get an idea of what KLapJack does is to take a look at the Screen Shots. KLapJack is open source under the GPL-2 - the source code is available under the download section.