KLapJack - A KDE LiveJournal Client

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Development Status Report (2004-02-10)

Some of you may be wondering what has been going on with KLapJack recently. Since autumn of last year, I have been without a net connection, which has made development rather difficult. Actually most of the pieces of KLapJack 1.0 are in place, but until I get a home web connection I cannot put the pieces together and do the required testing. Watch this space...

CVS access now available (2003-07-18)

For those of you that want the bleeding edge, KLapJack is now available via CVS. See the downloads section for more details.

KLapJack 0.6.2 (bugfix) released (2003-07-17)

Compile problems from 0.6.1 rectified. Minor bugfix.

KLapJack 0.6.1 (bugfix) released (2003-07-08)

As well as addressing the known bugs in 0.6, there is now a new status display for client-server communication which allows you to cancel. The networking code has been reimplemented and is now much more robust.

KLapJack 0.6 released (2003-07-04)

0.6 adds a friends editor with partial friend-group editting support and the LiveJournal console.

KLapJack 0.5.1a (bugfix) released (2003-06-11)

0.5.1a addresses a bug to do with deleting entries from shared journals that exists in 0.5.1. If you are using version 0.5.1 you should upgrade. If you are using version 0.5 or version 0.4.2 there is no need to upgrade unless you want the extra functionallity.