KLapJack - A KDE LiveJournal Client

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Please read the installation instructions, including those specific to your particular package format.

KLapJack 0.5.1a (2003-06-11)

Available formats
format size md5 download
source .bz2 424963 20dfac9b6983bddf0ddf9d2df32beade klapjack-0.5.1a.tar.bz2
source .gz 582439 7a9e10075c130c8eb41c62db7ea55efe klapjack-0.5.1a.tar.gz
Gentoo ebuild 487 029e4a4c4aafef26dc2c7a2c4ab610a9 klapjack-0.5.1a.ebuild

There are stability issues with 0.6.x. Consider using 0.5.1a unless you want to test the new functionality.

KLapJack 0.6.2 (2003-07-17)

Available formats
format size md5 download
source .bz2 439642 b8435883e404286c5048269029aaa781 klapjack-0.6.2.tar.bz2
source .gz 596895 d5400d0d77c87df11de61151f70ecfa1 klapjack-0.6.2.tar.gz
Gentoo ebuild 487 029e4a4c4aafef26dc2c7a2c4ab610a9 klapjack-0.6.2.ebuild